1. GamingPeak (2006–2012)
  2. Google (2013)

Game Closure


I was one of the first engineers to join Game Closure, a mobile game company, in 2011.[1]

During my tenure there, I led the backend infrastructure team, made substantial contributions to their client-side engine and games, and served on their leadership committee.

They build social games in their pseudo-open-source engine using JavaScript and OpenGL.

In 2011, not long after I joined, they raised over $12M and set out to ride the burgeoning wave of mobile games.

We were all young, inspired, and at times naïve, chasing the Silicon Valley dream. We learned lessons about business, human relations, and technology that could only be taught through immersion. I forged lasting friendships and invaluable memories here.

In 2013, I left to join Google.

  1. Game Closure has rebranded multiple times; it was known as; as of 2016 it became known as Blackstorm Labs.

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