1. Google (2013)
  2. Adobe (2017–)

Working at Mozilla


I joined Mozilla in 2013 to work on Firefox OS.

I worked extensively on the Firefox OS Email client, implementing POP3 support, streaming attachment downloads, and numerous bug fixes.

I was the “owner” of the Clock application, fixing bugs and collaborating with the Gecko team to address underlying firmware and system-level issues.

I overhauled the system utility tray, eliminating jitter and obtaining fluid, responsive performance, even on low-end devices.[1]

Mozilla discontinued Firefox OS in 2016, and attempted to enter the “Internet of Things” market by developing commercial products. Most of our time was spent brainstorming and prototyping possible products.

During this time, I developed product proposals, prototyped software in Rust, and developed the mobile experience for an air quality sensor.

Mozilla discontinued this initiative in early 2017, laying off the “Connected Devices” organization.

My next chapter has yet to be written. If you’d like to work together, get in touch!

  1. I obtained 60FPS performance on the utility tray by replacing touchmove-based animations with a concoction of scrollable elements, pointer-events, and position: fixed elements.

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